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Whats New

New Paper Released: Global Subduction Earthquake Magnitudes Estimated

New Paper from Chris Scholz Independently Tests Paleoseismic Record

New MS Thesis: Southern Cascadia Turbidite Correlation Using High-Resolution Sub-Bottom Profiling and Cores

GSA Short Course in Submarine Paleoseismology Offered

Sumarine Paleoseismology Session at the 2014 AGU Fall Meeting

Upcoming Pardee Symposium on Cascadia Great Earthquakes at the GSA Annual Meeting in Vancouver

Bayesian Spatial Analysis Team Wins Department of the Interior Partners in Conservation Award

New Book ,"The next Tsunami" examines our short term memory about disasters, Los Angeles Times, March 21, 2014

Upcoming Sub-Aqueous Paleoseismology Symposium S1 of the International Sedimentological Congress in Geneva, Switzerland (18-22 August 2014).

Abstract Deadline April 30. Hope to see you in Geneva!

New Dissertation Released: Sumatra Paleoseismology

New Paper Released: Cascadia Segmented Rupture Tsunami Models

New Paper Released: Cascadia Tsunami Models

Oregon Tsunami Inundation Scenarios

New Paper Released: Cascadia Great Earthquake Clustering

A statistical analysis of the clustering of Cascadia Great Earthquakes.

Coastwide Tsunami inundation Scenarios for Oregon Released

New Paper Released: Cascadia Turbidites in Forearc Lakes?

Preliminary study of exisitng lake sedimentary records suggests a record of great earthquakes.

New Cascadia Paper Released: Segmented Ruptures Along the Southern Cascadia Margin

New core and high resolution reflection data provide insights into the southern Cascadia paleoseismic record.

New Canadian Study Corroborates Cascadia Marine Paleoseismic record

Seismically generated turbidites in Effingham Inlet, western Vancouver Island provide a correlative Holocene record of great earthquakes.

Second in Sumatra Paleoseismology Series Released

Second in a series of foundational papers on paleoseismology of the Sumatran margin is released.

Five Year Review of West Coast Essential Fish Habitat Completed

Report and analysis are released.

Oregon Earthquake Resiliency Report Released

Comprehensive study of the vulnerability of the State of Oregon to subduction zone earthquakes and tsunami. Full Report:

Oregon Tsunami Work Wins Award

"Simulating tsunami inundation at Bandon, Coos County, Oregon, using hypothetical Cascadia and Alaska earthquake scenarios" won a Western State Seismic Policy Council Award in Excellence

Gobal Earthquake Models Based on Paleoseismology

"Superquakes and Supercycles" released, Seismological Research Letters

"Superquakes and Supercycles" released, OSU Release

Cascadia Paleoseismology

Detailed turbidite paleoseismic work finally released in USGS Professional Paper 1661-F

Cascadia, the Movie! Animation of 10,000 year earthquake record from marine and coastal paleoseismic sites.

Initiative to Retrofit Schools in Portand for earthquakes

Oregon State Waters Bathymetry and Habitat Data are Released

Download data and habitat maps here

UNOLS Greening the Research Fleet Workshop

Scientists, engineers, shipping companies and ship operators meet to discuss greener operations and ships of the future

"Green Research"

Successful geophysical cruise aboard the Derek. M. Baylis completed with very low carbon footprint

Recent Earthquakes

NEIC Earthquake map of recent events